Language Support

For Windows Users
• Windows XP/server 2003

Windows xp/server 2003 can support both simplified and tranditional Chinese, and most other Asian languages.
Enable East Asian language support.
This step will allow you to view Asian language in English or western Windows.

Depending on the selections you choose when installing Windows 2000/XP/server 2003, you may or may not have East Asian Languages installed. Follow these steps to check whether or not your computer supports East Asian languages.

  • From Start -> Settings -> Control Panel
  • Double-click Regional and Language Options
  • Click on the Languages tab
  • If “Install files for East Asian languages” under “Supplemental language support” box is NOT checked, you need check on the box of “Install files for East Asian Languages”, then click Apply button to do the install. You may need your Windows XP/2003 CD. Installing these files will allow you to use Chinese, Japanese, and Korean in your computer.


For Mac Users • Mac OS X

Mac OS X is a multilingual operating system which allows users to use languages other than the one selected during installation. In more recent versions of OS X, it is included with all installations of OS X. In older versions of OS X, such as 10.1 you had to install Languages Kits from Apple in order to read Chinese, Japanese or Korean on the Internet. The Language Kit for CJK contains WorldScript software known as scripts which support the encoding for the character set of a particular language. Each language needs a separate script.