Our History

Founded by a group of Christians believing Jesus Christ as their Savior, the Home of Christ is a local Church transcendent over denominations. Our beliefs, lifestyle and service are based on Biblical teachings and in accordance with the Apostle’s Creed and our Principal Articles. Within, we should love and supplement one another in serving our Lord. Without, we should spread the Gospel and prosper God’s kingdom.

By the grace of God, since the inception of our first Home of Christ in the San Francisco Bay Area in 1978, we have developed into six Churches:  First Home of Christ in Menlo Park, Second Home of Christ in San Francisco, Third Home of Christ in Fremont, Fourth Home of Christ in San Jose, Fifth Home of Christ in Cupertino and Sixth Home of Christ in Newark. According to the principles for local churches as revealed in the Bible, each Home of Christ will acquire local members (personnel) and local money (finance) in order to minister locally (operation). If the Lord permits, we will expand our Gospel bases and plant new churches in an orderly way that honors God and benefits men.

To learn more about us, take a look at our Bylaws:  HOC4 Bylaws (uploaded 12/2016)